Solar Panel Cleaning



Why Professional Cleaning of Solar Panels?

  • Solar panels get soiled, which leads to a reduction of solar yield.
  • Wind and rain continually deposit dirt, dust and soot particles on Solar panels. Rain will wash some of the loose dirt off but also adds new dirt particles to the stubborn dirt that remains behind.
  • Soiled Solar panels are slower to switch on with delayed absorption and lower efficiency.
  • Regular cleaning will help prevent burning in of dirt or surfactants to the panels.
  • Our unique cleaning system allows quick and easy cleaning of panel glass and frames without stripes or residue.
  • Our system cleans with pure water and without chemicals - high cleaning effectiveness, no damage to the panels.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

  • Cleaning without chemicals.
  • Easy accessibility without the use of ladders or lifts.
  • Solar panels can be thoroughly cleaned within a very short time, keeping cleaning costs down. 
  • Results are immediately visible and solar yield increases.

Efficient Savings Right From The Start!

  • Up to 30% of increased solar yield.
  • Maintains the value of the system.
  • Reduction of follow-up costs.
  • Even small increases in solar yield will cover the cleaning costs.